Trusts are the estate planning tool that many people prefer, especially for high net worth or large estates or when they have children.  Schumann serves people across the state of Utah with high quality legal representation and advice designing customized plans to meet your specific needs and goals.

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Experience, excellence and understanding are the cornerstones of service clients receive at the Salt Lake City, UT, Law Office of Penniann J. Schumann PLLC. During her 20 years of law practice and time as a Trust administrator for a National Bank. Attorney Penniann J. Schumann has focused on estate planning and helping clients protect the assets and property they worked so hard to accumulate and has the experience you need. Wills help determine how your estate is managed and distributed after your death. Trusts do that same job, but offer privacy and can be used to avoid probate at death and conservatorships and guardianships.

Estate Protection & Trusts

Trusts are amazing legal documents. They provide you with lasting power over your estate, a strong reason to have one created for your family’s benefit. We offer administrative services and advocacy to trust makers, trustees and beneficiaries. Having help from an experienced Trusts Attorney is important at all times. Trustees and beneficiaries need legal representation to make sure details of the trust are fulfilled. You can add many important legal documents to a Trusts Package, such as Powers of Attorney and Advanced Health Care Directives. These help provide protection of your estate if you are incapacitated.

Salt Lake City Trusts Attorney

Your Salt Lake City Trusts Attorney can also help you design a Trust that includes provisions to avoid Conservatorship and Guardianship. These help the elderly and children by protecting their interests in the trust estate. Attorney Penny Schumann has helped many families deal with Elder Law issues and Medicaid planning, as well as tax planning through creation of family Trusts. Trusts also help with management of your estate which you plan to leave for your beneficiaries.She is a strong advocate for clients when they are called to Probate Court to defend Trusts and when she helps administrators with Trust management.

Ms. Schumann is a caring and compassionate Trusts Attorney who takes the time necessary to help clients understand how those important estate planning documents help them protect and preserve their estates, before and after their death. Trusts can help elderly people stay at home safely, without fear that someone they didn’t choose will take advantage of their illnesses and incapacity.

Some clients want everything to go directly to family, while others are concerned with business succession planning and charitable gifting. All want to reduce the tax bite and keep as much of their estate as possible intact for heirs. Attorney Schumann is an active advocate for clients, working diligently to administer estates and trusts through the Probate process.

Learn more about Trusts and if creating one is the best strategy for your estate planning. Contact the Salt Lake City, UT, Law Office of Penniann J. Schumann PLLC. Call now for your consultation, at (801) 631-7811.

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