Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney are a basic legal tool that you can create at the Law Office of Penniann J. Schumann PLLC, Salt Lake City, UT. These documents are used for controlling your estate, healthcare and other matters. They provide detailed instructions to another person you appoint to handle certain personal, financial and business affairs on your behalf under certain circumstances. The need for this may arise if you expect to be incapacitated for a period of time, for example, when having surgery. The permission to handle affairs can be triggered by a certain event, such as incapacity, or it can be applied for a limited or durable period of time, even lasting after that incapacity.

Law Office of Penniann J. Schumann PLLC

At the Law Office of Penniann J. Schumann PLLC, people get honest legal assistance, advice and representation for all types of estate matters, including creation of Powers of Attorney. Sale Lake Estate Planning Attorney Penniann J. Schumann offers full-service estate planning. Penniann is an attorney with excellent legal experience and understanding. She has helped clients from across Utah, including Salt Lake, Summit, Tooele, Davis, Duchesne, Wasatch and Cache Counties.

Salt Lake Estate Planning Attorney

Attorney Schumann enjoys her work as a Sale Lake Estate Planning Attorney, because it is an excellent way to help people get the results they desire for protecting their assets and property. She offers legal advice and representation when people need to administer an estate, go into Probate Court, or when they want to create estate planning documents like a Will, Trust or Powers of Attorney.

Powers of Attorney are one method you can use to maintain control over your property, business affairs and assets when you are unable to do so yourself. If you are facing temporary incapacity, these documents allow another person to act on your behalf to execute legal activities such as handling stock and tax matters or banking.

There are two primary types of Powers you can convey to another person:

  • General – full power to act when granted
  • Limited – these come to life when certain circumstances occur, such as incapacity

In addition, all Powers of Attorney can be revoked at any time in writing. It is best to get legal representation to create these documents, to make sure all potential problems are addressed properly.

Protect Yourself with Powers of Attorney

If you are scheduled for medical care, ask about Healthcare Directives, another type of Power of Attorney you can use to protect your personal interests when you are unable to manage your own affairs. Attorney Penniann J. Schumann will work with you personally to help you decide what estate planning documents will best meet your needs and help you reach your goals for controlling your assets and property.

Contact the Salt Lake City, UT, Law Office of Penniann J. Schumann PLLC today to discuss Powers of Attorney and other legal matters. Call us now, at (801) 631-7811.


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