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Caring properly for elderly loved ones is what Elder Law is all about. This area of law is designed mostly to offer protection against abuse of seniors and protection of their assets. At the Law Office of Penniann J. Schumann PLLC, clients prepare for this important aspect of life in advance through estate planning. Trust documents that create Conservatorships and Guardianships are legal documents that detail plans for estate preservation and care of elderly loved ones. The Trust creator can set up estate plans that also cover their own potential incapacity. The main objective is to provide adequate care for elderly loved ones, while conserving an estate for future heirs.

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Elder Law benefits an aging population that is growing by leaps and bounds in the U.S. For example, if a person develops a debilitating disease like Alzheimer’s, a Trust will provide financial assistance and appoint a guardian or conservator to see that your loved one continues to receive good care physically and financially. This part of a Trust must be very detailed to set forth excellent plans for elder care. If a loved one is placed in a care facility, the law continues to offer protection against abuse of all kinds, including physical and financial. Your Trust must be drawn properly by an experienced Elder Law Attorney for best results in any situation.

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In the state of Utah, Salt Lake City Elder Law Attorney Penniann J. Schumann has helped clients with estate planning, including Elder Care, for over 20 years. She understands Medicaid and other government programs and is ready to help her clients map out strategic plans to care for their elderly loved ones and others who need assistance. She has assisted clients from across the state, including those in Salt Lake, Summit, Tooele, Davis, Duchesne, Wasatch, and Cache Counties.

When you make estate plans with provisions for elder care or the care of younger loved ones, get experienced legal representation from an attorney who cares and will stand up for your best interests, in and out of court. Attorney Penny Schumann is an honest, compassionate and understanding person who will take the time necessary to help you understand your legal documents and the impact they will have on you and your family. It is never too early to make estate plans; you never know when you might become the one who is incapacitated and needs protection.

If you have concerns about your future or the care of elderly loved ones, set up an appointment to discuss estate planning and Elder Law with Ms. Schumann. Contact the Law Office of Penniann J. Schumann PLLC, Salt Lake City, UT, for your first consultation today. Call now, at (801) 631-7811.

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